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Tribute from Alafia Jackson

Alafia Jackson’s Eulogy Speech

For those we love within the veil,

 Who once were comrades of our way;

We thank the Lord for they have won

 To cloudless day.

Leyinde has been a true and genuine friend since the early 1960’s, until she said goodbye to all of us this month.

Besides being schoolmates, we were also colleagues - we worked at the Connaught Hospital out patient’s department and later as volunteers of Children’s Home and Planned Parenthood Association. She was a dedicated worker who always gave her best to whatever she was involved in.

Leyinde was an inspiring Christian who embraced the fellowship she found in church. That came as no surprise as her late father, Pa B.L. Thomas, was a minister of religion. She was as disciplined as he was and those of you who knew her well can attest to that. An example of what I mean by her being disciplined was that she was always on time. And I mean always. Leyinde was never late and did not encourage tardiness.

She loved vibrant conversations about education, religion and travel. She was very witty and had an expansive vocabulary of African sayings that she frequently sprinkled her conversations with quite appropriately that would send you into fits of laughter. She was such an honest, sincere and pragmatic person. And she loved wearing her print and head tie.

Whenever we discussed issues or situations, Leyinde would present her perspective and opinions, but never ever guide your decision making. She always allowed you to make up your own mind and was not the type of person who would force her opinion on you.

She was such a dear and honest soul and I will immensely miss our regular tete-a-tete conversations.

To Vera and Layard, your mother is not dead but sleeping in God’s bosom. May the soul of Mrs. Leyinde Pabs-Garnon rest in perfect peace.