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Tribute from Elsie Ayodele Pabs-Garnon


I have lost a big sister and a close friend in my marital family. Leyinde was no stranger to me, when we became wives of two of the Pabs-Garnon brothers. She was my senior at the Annie Walsh Memorial School. Our personal relationship grew and strengthened over the decades of our married lives by sharing our joys and sorrows, and other mutual means of support in raising our families. Leyinde was an encourager.

Mrs Leyinde Pabs-Garnon was a woman of faith. As a member of the Mothers’ Union, she contributed an article to the Inspirational corner of the 70th Anniversary Special Edition of the MU Magazine published 20 years ago. The six verses of the poem captioned, “Rules for Daily Life”, testified to her spiritual life. The first line of each of 5 of the 6 verses were: Begin the day with God; Open the Book of God; Go through the day with God; Converse in mind with God; Conclude the day with God. These lines are telling and the whole of the 6th verse summed up the hope of our beloved in Christ:

‘Lie down at night with God,

Who gives the servants sleep,

And when (you tread) the vale of death,

He will (you) guard and keep.

Mrs Leyinde Pabs-Garnon was a woman of vision who put her faith in action. Living her life by the rules quoted above led to her achievements in

• Rearing her family

• Opening her home as Day Care Centre for Babies

• Nursery for pre-schooling that led up to offering complete primary education.

To date Mrs Leyinde Pabs-Garnon, an enterprising woman, has left Baana Preparatory School as her legacy in Freetown.

May God grant her perfect rest from all her labours.

Elsie Ayodele Pabs-Garnon